Logo imageDrShopper is a very simple and easy to use shopping list.


  • make a new list quick and easy with completion and names cloud
  • categories
  • track prices
  • quick change an item quantity
  • send a list to the other phone (use the address book as email source)
  • create and send to the phone a new shopping list on this web site
  • alarms
  • desktop shortcuts

While You are in the office, Your family can make the shopping list, using this site, and send it to Your phone. You recieve the email notification, tap on the link, DrShopper application will launch and download the new shopping list from the server: Mail

Using the DrShopper application, You can create/delete the shopping lists right on Your phone. You can see the total items in the list and how many items already bought: Main screen

Using the edit mode of the shopping list You can add/remove the items, easy change the quantity of the items: List edit You can add a lot of items to the list. Just select an item from names cloud, tap + button and repeate: Add If You first time enter the name of the item, You must, of course, type the name completely.
Also, You can select the category, price and quantity: Add2

In the one tap You can mark item as bought - it will change the color to the gray and move down of the list: Bought You can send the shopping list to the other Android-phone: Email sent

Download the DrShopper application: 4pda forum

Get it on 4pda
Get it on 4pda

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